X1 Dog Harness


Earn up to 41 Paw Points.

Utilized by mushers and working dogs around the world, our X-back harnesses are built to fit comfortably even when the dogs are pulling hard. Each harness is from a continuous piece of webbing for maximum durability. They are lined around the dog's neck and on their chest with either soft fleece or padded nylon for comfortable running or walking.

As a single piece, non-adjustable harness, proper sizing is extra-important. Measure the dog's collar size, weight, and back length to determine sizing. Utilize the example and the chart below for reference.

Sizing Chart
Size Weight Neck Size Back Length Tug Loop Color
X-Pup x x x 1 Black/1 White
Pup x x x 1 Yellow/1 Black
Small 35-40 lbs 14.5" 21" 2 Blue
Small Long 40-45 lbs 14.5" 22" 1 Blue/1 Red
Medium 40-45 lbs 16" 22" 2 Red
Medium Long 46-52 lbs 16" 23.5" 1 Red/1 Green
Medium X-Long 46-52 lbs 16" 24.5" 1 Red/ 1 Black
Large 46-52 lbs 17" 23.5" 2 Green
Large Long 52-58 lbs 17" 24.5" 1 Green/ 1 Black
Large X-Long 58-65 lbs 17" 25.5" 1 Green/ 1 Orange
X-Large 58-65 lbs 18" 25.5" 2 Black
X-Large Wide 60-70 lbs 20.5" 25.5" 2 Yellow
X-Large X-Wide 70-80 lbs 22" 26.25"1 Yellow/1 Orange
X-Large X-Long 70-80 lbs 18" 28"1 Orange/1 Black
XX-Large 70-80 lbs 18" 28"2 Orange
XX-Large Wide 85-100 lbs 21" 29"2 White
XXX-Large 100-120 lbs 22.5" 30"1 Blue/ 1 White
XXX-Large Wide 120-135 lbs 23.25" 33"1 Red/ 1 White

1 review for X1 Dog Harness

  1. Samantha P

    This harness does a fantastic job with our 2 year old GSP Annie Oakley and her love of running with my husband. I’m also 100% sure it also saved her life. Today while running along a trail she ran into a branch that had overgrown the trail and wasn’t visible at first. The branch snapped. Her harness saved her from being impaled and all she has to show for it is a small abrasion and maybe some bruising. I will always be grateful for the incredible craftsmanship that went into this harness. Thank you.

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