Featherlite Racing Bootie


Range Discount
100 - 249 $2.45
250 + $1.79


Featherlite Racing Booties are the premier choice for mushers for working dogs in snowy conditions. They are a lightweight bootie that's easy to put on using our stretch loop fastening system. These are high mileage, lightweight, quick-dry boots that have tons of wear on snow, but will degrade with use on rough surfaces. Booties are sold individually.

To properly size dog booties, measure the width of the paw while the dog's weight is on them. This shows the maximum spread which is used in the sizing chart below. Also, make sure to measure both front and back paws as they are often different.


1 review for Featherlite Racing Bootie

  1. Patty kieffer

    I have used these in the past and they are the best thank you

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