Combi Jore Set


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Have fun with your dog year-round! The Combi-Jore set is the premium kit for both skijoring, canicross, scootering, and some bikejoring set-ups. When the snow falls, get out and ski with your favorite companion. When it melts (or if you’ve never had it in the first place) lose the skis and run with your dog.

Joring will build a bond between you and your dog as you learn to work together. Don’t be surprised to find yourself out skiing or running more as your dog helps you keep a better pace!

Our Combi-Jore set is made up of three different pieces – the joring belt with quick release, a shock line, and a lead line. The belt features stainless steel d-rings on either side. A “v” of webbing runs from the d-ring to the quick release. Strung onto the v is the shock line which attaches to the lead line which clips onto the dog’s harness such as our LX1. An elastic portion of the shock line smooths out the sudden tension of an eager dog pulling hard. A two-dog lead line may be used instead of a one-dog lead line to run two pups instead of one if needed.


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